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The Glasshouse Mountains Musician’s Club (or the “Musos” as we are fondly known) was formed early in 2011 in response to a need for local musicians to publically perform, meet their peers and develop their skills in a friendly non competitive environment.

We presently have around five sessions a month – every Tuesday night and the first Sunday afternoon, run in a blackboard style, where performers either elect on the night, or book beforehand, to play for approximately 15 minutes. Guest from further afield are encouraged and we are happy to negotiate longer sets for travellers. Audiences of course are encouraged – musos love an audience! We provide good quality sound for the artists, and encourage all styles of music, but folk, blues and country are very popular amongst our group. Along with the music, good quality meals and drinks are available.  There is no door charge.
We have had about 400 different acts at our sessions in our 5 year history including special guests Toni Childs, Jon Brooks, Jodi Martin, The Mae Trio, Del Barber, Rebecca Wright, Jen Mize, Rough Red and Matt Glass amongst others. Regular artists include professionals such as Ian Williams, Tommy Leonard, Noel Gardner, The Goodwills, Evan Mathieson, Ian B McLeod, Kevin Brand, Jon Brown, Glenn Stephens, Karen Law, Warren Freeman, Paul Fagan, Jodi Murtha, John Wright and up-and-coming stars such as Cassi Hilbers, JJ and Louise Munyard, Kaiyana (KK) May, Murray and Hazel Law, Camillah Maynard, Kezia Hughes, Adrian Hiltunen and Nate Tuitahi.

Occasional artists include Alex McKean, Mike Backhouse, Pat Craigee, Rob McGowan, Maxine Chisholm, Greg McGrath, Greg Bryant, Gary Josland, Michael Rhoddy, Jacinta Foale, Alex Bridge, The Claptomaniacs, Cory Josland, Gary Josland, Shez Wright, Robert Hopkins, Garry Bagnell, Dermot Dorgan, Roey and Jim Fitzpatrick, Kalani, Wyla, Peter Gawith, Peter Richardson, Anu Grace, Laurie Bycroft, Ky-lee B, Brea Robertson, Col Swindell, Ana Leigh, Rob Greenfield, Adrien Powell, Reggie and Elly Thompson, Michael and Sheree Bochow, Antandalf, Gavin and Tina Davidson, Bob and Ruth Henderson, John Lynn, Chas Whiting, Cardi Boydell, Carol Lynn, Gabriel Monson, Barbara Ramadge-Ross, De Greer Yindimincarlie, Ann Leung, Leif Helland, Gerry O’Regan, Brian Ashlin, Norm Smith, Brett Hall, Aaron Allen, Terence Boyd-Thallon and John Donnelly. 

The “Musos house band” is a flexible group which at the moment includes at most sessions: Doug Pullen (bass, guitar, vocal), Mike Duggan (cajon), Geoff Hillier (drums), Michael Whiticker (guitar, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, vocal), Kerry Lawson (guitar, vocal), Paul Fagan (guitar, vocal), Jon Brown (guitar, bass, vocal), Robbie Gee (guitar, vocal), Denis Green (guitar, vocal, harmonica) and Deni Chapple (vocal, guitar).

Join our facebook group  or contact us go on our emailing list for reminders about our up coming events and reviews of our last week’s session.

The Musos thanks The Glasshouse Country News, The Folk Rag and Shez Wright and her Folk Brisbane News email who support us by promoting our events.

The Musos Club sponsors include:
The Sound Space Recording Studio
Glasshouse Guitar Works
Eudlo Hall
Beerwah Hotel

Aknowledgement: The creation of this web site has been assisted through the Grants Program of Sunshine Coast Council.
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